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A sense of proportion

The Israeli Defence Forces’ ethical standards are different from, and in some ways higher than, the British army’s, says Paul Robinson, but in the end the question is not whether IDF actions are moral, but whether they are wise This week David Cameron joined his shadow foreign secretary William Hague in denouncing elements of Israel’s

Bush won’t allow Iran to go nuclear

The former Israeli prime minister tells Allister Heath why he believes the US President will keep his promise to curb Tehran — even if many Europeans remain blind to the threat It was not my idea of a joke, but I reluctantly complied with the Israeli detective’s request that I hand over all my belongings

Our overpopulation is a catastrophe

There are queues everywhere in Britain, says Rod Liddle. The country has long since reached saturation point and it’s time for the government to admit that we have a problem There were two stories in our morning newspapers this week which seemed at first sight unrelated. The first was a report from the Local Government