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20 April 2019

The way of the cross

Without Christ we would not have western values

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Hope will rise out of the ashes of Notre Dame

‘Great edifices, like great mountains, are the work of centuries,’ wrote Victor Hugo in Notre-Dame de Paris. ‘The man, the…

Portrait of the week

Portrait of the week: Brexit party launches, Assange is arrested - and Notre Dame burns

Home Although the latest date for Brexit had been postponed by the European Council until Halloween, 31 October, the government…


Roger Scruton: Should I forgive the journalist who got me fired?

I travel back from London with the St Matthew Passion filling my head, after the moving performance from the Elysian…

From The Archives

Israel and the UN

From ‘Israel’s Candidature’, The Spectator, 22 April 1949: Israel’s application for UN membership received a chillier reception than had been…

Ancient and modern

Marriage is becoming more like it was before Christianity

The Christian church ordained that marriage, a sacrament imparting divine grace, was for life. In 1857, the state enacted its…


Who has hidden in an embassy for longer than Julian Assange?

Embassy endurance Julian Assange was thrown out of the Ecuadorian embassy in London, seven years after seeking sanctuary from extradition…


Letters: Britain needs HS2

Moaning minnie MPs Sir: I was recently quoted in the Sun newspaper in a story about how MPs were reacting…