The Spectator

22 June 2019

Boris in No. 10

The first 100 days will make or break him

The Week

Leading article

The Tory party has no choice but to bet on Boris

When Boris Johnson was appointed editor of this magazine two decades ago, an unkind soul said it was like ‘entrusting…

Portrait of the week

Portrait of the week: Boris surges ahead, Chuka joins the Lib Dems and Chris Froome crashes

Home Boris Johnson was well ahead in the parliamentary stage of the contest for the leadership of the Conservative party,…


History will wonder how we trusted Boris with Britain

I am besieged by media folk asking when I shall make good on a four-year-old threat to flee to Buenos…

Ancient and modern

Boris and the perils of popularity

So: Boris triumphans, ready to deliver a 140-seat majority for the Tories and lead the UK out of Europe and…


Why are hustings called hustings?

History of hustings Why are hustings called by that name? — The word ‘hustings’ is derived from an old Norse…


Letters: A green agenda will help the economy blossom

Eco opportunity Sir: As a North Sea oil engineer now working on the UK’s ‘green’ energy transition, I believe Ross…