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16 February 2019

Corbyn’s crack-up

The Labour leader’s personality cult is on the verge of disintegrating

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The EU and UK are one sentence away from a Brexit deal. Why the games?

Even the most fervent Brexiteer would have to admit to being impressed at the cohesion and chutzpah of the European…

Portrait of the week

Portrait of the week: More Brexit talks, more French protests and less horse racing

Home Theresa May, the Prime Minister, returned from a trip to Brussels and Dublin and hurried to the Commons to…

Luciana Berger is escorted by police to Labour’s party conference last year after anti-Semitic attacks on Twitter [GETTY IMAGES]


Jess Phillips: The message I’ve been forced to send Luciana Berger too many times

‘You OK?’ was the message I sent to Luciana Berger last week. As I scroll back through our previous WhatsApp…



Brexiteers have ‘a special place in hell’ – but who else has a spot there?

Places in Hell President Donald Tusk said there must be a ‘special place in Hell reserved for those who promoted…

Opposition supporters take to the streets against Nicolás Maduro [GETTY IMAGES]

Ancient and modern

How to get away with being a tyrant

Last week, in an effort to understand what that left-wing hero Nicolás Maduro, President of Venezuela, must be suffering, Hieron,…


Letters: Are the RSPCA really considering the needs of animals?

We need a generosity report Sir: Your leading article bemoaning the lack of charitable giving in Britain misses the mark…


Ragwort: an apology

An article published in The Spectator on 11 August 2018, Root out ragwort!, stated that the Wildlife and Countryside Act…