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13 July 2019

The ties that bind

Can Boris Johnson forge a brand-new transatlantic alliance?


He’s everywhere and nowhere: Jim Broadbent

Arts feature

'It could be a disaster': Jim Broadbent talks to Stuart Jeffries about his latest role

The prolific actor is about to perform in the Park Theatre's unrehearsed play Whodunnit. Will it work?

‘Telepainting’, 1964, by Takis


Full of wonders: Takis at Tate Modern reviewed

The Greek artist’s work is like his electromagnetic subject – it hides in plain sight


A cartoonish look at migration: Europe at the Donmar reviewed

Plus: a world-class comic talent reveals himself in the musical of The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13 3/4


Steve Bannon will be thrilled by The Brink

Alison Klayman’s portrait of Donald Trump’s former chief strategist utterly fails to capture the man behind the persona – if there is one

Leo Jemison (Miles), Elen Willmer (Flora) and Sophie Bevan (Governess) in The Turn of the Screw at Garsington Opera


Deft, elegant and genuinely chilling: Garsington’s Turn of the Screw reviewed

Plus: a charming, heartfelt new production of Noye's Fludde that shows off Britten's skill in writing for children


You leave awe-struck but also a bit frazzled: Holland Festival’s Aus Licht reviewed

Plus: people laugh at Stockhausen for claiming he came from the star Sirius. But the Klavierstücke back him up


An important story but not for the faint-hearted: Deadliest Day podcast reviewed

Plus: The Interrogation, Radio 4’s clever crime-drama series, is back

Moonwalking: Rufus Wright as Neil Armstrong in 8 Days: To the Moon


Reminds you how uncomplicatedly thrilling the first moon landing was: BBC2's 8 Days reviewed

By telling the story from the perspective of 1969, this BBC2 documentary also added a melancholy note to the thrills