The Spectator

13 October 2018

Death of a dissident

The fate of Jamal Khashoggi reveals the darkest side of Saudi politics

The Week

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Director’s cut: why do our taxes pay for loss-making films?

‘The role of government is not to pick favourites and subsidise them or protect them.’ So says the government’s industrial…

Portrait of the week

Portrait of the Week: EU mandarins are suspiciously cheerful about Brexit

Home EU officials were suspiciously cheerful over the prospects of Brexit negotiations running up to the next summit on 18…


The day I signed a book ‘Adolf Roberts’

I’m giving 93 speeches over the next four months to promote my new book, Churchill: Walking with Destiny, but I…

Ancient and modern

What the NHS does now, Babylon did first

Financial constraints combined with a shortage of staff have brought the NHS to a situation so desperate that it is…


Who hires the most stretch limos?

Global warnings How much time do we have to save the world from catastrophic climate change? 5 years         (according to…


Letters: teenage transgenderism; nasty cyclists; glad to be vegan

Bathroom politics Sir: James Kirkup’s article (‘The march of trans rights’, 6 October) discussed many of the complexities created by…