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10 November 2018

Deal or no deal?

Both of Theresa May’s choices are unpalatable



The lesson of the midterms? Trump’s crudeness works

 Washington, DC President Donald J. Trump thinks only in terms of winning and losing. On Tuesday, he won and he…

Rod Liddle

Why I’ve changed my name

As someone who has recently discovered he is black, I have watched with incredulity the treatment doled out by the…

Matthew Parris

Is there a moral difference between an NDA and blackmail?

Reader, may I call you John? Now imagine, John, that you are my employer and I know (or claim) that…

Lionel Shriver

Trump is right about many things, which is why he must be stopped

At my lecture in Sheffield last week, the final question in an otherwise temperate Q&A was antagonistic. My last Spectator…

Any other business

History will judge UK ministers harshly for the Irish backstop

We may or may not hear news soon of a settlement of the Irish border issue that will allow Brexit…

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My great-grandfather’s personal remembrance day

The sixth of November 1918 was remembrance day for my great-grandfather, Norman Moore. It was the fourth anniversary of the…