The Spectator

17 March 2018

Putin’s poison

Russia’s lying leader aims to convince the gullible that there is no such thing as truth


The Spectator's Notes

Let’s find the most idiotic Brexit headlines

Also in The Spectator’s Notes: Jeremy Corbyn’s Phrygian cap; Israel’s long-overdue royal visit


Revealed: the Tory health tax bombshell

Putting 1p on National Insurance for the NHS is not a promising promise

Rod Liddle

Genocide in South Africa: now that’s a black-and-white issue

There are two ways of looking at this tragedy but only one of them can be expressed

Lionel Shriver

Why mass immigration explains the housing crisis

It’s the one reason for this worsening problem that blinkered liberals choose to ignore

Any other business

Advice from the Institute of Directors: prepare for the scandal tornado

The staid business folk’s body has been reduced to reputation rubble. If it can happen there, it can happen anywhere