The Spectator

13 July 2019

The ties that bind

Can Boris Johnson forge a brand-new transatlantic alliance?


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Sir Kim Darroch failed to recognise Trump’s communicative genius

When I last talked to Sir Kim Darroch, he was a slim young private secretary, so it was a long…


The most important decision that Boris has to make

After being backed by a majority of Tory MPs, Boris Johnson now looks set to win over party members by…

Rod Liddle

End this hate speech against my community

I am a football fan. Each fortnight I go to watch my club and, like the overwhelming majority of the…

James Delingpole

My daughter’s gone to Magaluf, and it’s hard not to worry

At the Leavers’ Ball held to mark our daughter’s last day at boarding school, there were only two topics of…

Any other business

Deutsche Bank is a parable for our mad modern era

Among the numbers attached to the restructuring of Deutsche Bank announced by Chief Executive Christian Sewing this week, the 18,000…