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16 December 2017

Right side of history

For a century, theorists have argued that the nation state is obsolete. Brexit suggests otherwise

The Week

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A simple way for Spectator readers to make a real difference

For our Christmas appeal we want you to help find internships for bright young people from the Social Mobility Foundation


Why I'm bombarded with ads for funeral insurance and knitted animals

Also: remembering Alexander Chancellor and conversations with my window cleaner


What Christmas really costs us — and how much of it we waste

Also in Barometer: things that never happened in 2017

Ancient and modern

Regina, a Syrian in South Shields

Ancient and Modern on slavery in the Roman Empire


Letters: Returning jihadis, the Labour abyss and why Stokes can’t play

Returning jihadis Sir: Coping with those who pose a terrorist threat to the UK but cannot be prosecuted for a…