The Spectator

20 October 2018

The Irish problem

The answer might be the one thing no one wants: a hard border


High life

Why truth gets you nowhere

New York   There is fear and loathing in this city, with men looking over their shoulders for the thought…

Low life

Guns and gin: just another Spectator Wine Club lunch

Were the first shots of the second English civil war about to be fired from the stern of the Thames barge?

Real life

Silicon Valley’s evil plan

Gmail downloading itself on to my laptop without my wanting it is further proof that something terrifying is afoot



I’ve just come back from ten days in Orlando, but don’t ask me what it’s like — I haven’t a…

Spectator Wine

Wine Club 20 October

We’re with Yapp Bros this week and so popular with readers is the Domaine Gaujal, Picpoul de Pinet (1) that…


Ship ahoy

The Evans Gambit was invented by a British naval officer of the early part of the 19th century, Captain W.D. Evans,…

Chess puzzle

no. 528

White to play. This position is from Khmelniker-Harari, Isle of Man 2017. How did White make the most of his…


Mary, Mary…

In Competition No. 3070 you were invited to provide a poem with the title ‘When I Grow Up I Want…


2381: Step changes

1 Across and 45 Across form a phrase, and the other unclued entries form a word ladder linking them, by…

Crossword solution

to 2378: Boundary

LIMES (22), a term for a boundary of the ROMAN EMPIRE (7 30), is a DEFINITION (19) of five items…

No sacred cows

Why are faceless accusations allowed to end men’s careers?

On 11 October 2017 an anonymous Google spreadsheet began doing the rounds of American newspapers and magazines — a document…

Spectator sport

The terrible injury toll of modern rugby

Eddie Jones’s sorrows as England’s rugby coach certainly keep coming in big battalions. Now the giant battered No 8 Billy…

Dear Mary

Dear Mary: My friend’s cooked breakfasts make me gag

Q. My fiancé and I spend many great weekends with another couple. I am a vegetarian and quite particular about…


Breakfast for idiots: it was the wrong time of day for a visit to Gazelle Mayfair

I couldn’t find Gazelle. I walked up and down Albermarle Street, in which Oscar Wilde once plotted his own doom…

Mind your language

Mind your language: Woman, women, womxn

When I say that it has given comfort to my husband, you can judge how foolish the Wellcome Institute was…

The Best of Coffee House

France is fracturing but Macron remains in denial

As chalices go, few are as poisoned as the one Emmanuel Macron has just handed Christophe Castaner. Minister of the…

The Best of Coffee House

The problem with hate crime

It always amazes me that people think it is normal and acceptable to have hate-crime legislation. To have laws which…

The Best of Coffee House

Even our MPs are afraid of the transgender mob

What are MPs thinking? It’s easy to assume, in the age of Twitter, that we know more about the positions…