The Spectator

13 October 2018

Death of a dissident

The fate of Jamal Khashoggi reveals the darkest side of Saudi politics


The Spectator's Notes

Liberals’ attacks on nationalism are interestingly selective

Although, in David Goodhart’s famous distinction, I see myself as one of the ‘Somewheres’ rather than the ‘Anywheres’, I do…


Will Theresa May risk putting her Brexit rebels on the spot?

Before every Budget, George Osborne would tell his aides to prepare for it as if it were their last. His…

Rod Liddle

Critics hated Julie Burchill’s Brexit play. What does that say about them?

There is a new book out about the sun — the bright thing in the sky, not the newspaper. It…

Matthew Parris

What a demented dog teaches us about life

I met the late Darcy ten years ago, and wrote about him. I was 59 and he was 12. I…

Lionel Shriver

Why Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony didn’t make me cry

Following Christine Blasey Ford’s Senate testimony about being sexually assaulted by the US Supreme Court nominee when he was 17,…

Any other business

Unilever’s botched plan to quit London leaves it open to hostile bids

Unilever’s abandonment of plans to scrap its Anglo-Dutch corporate structure and leave London is a huge embarrassment for chief executive…