The Spectator

22 June 2019

Boris in No. 10

The first 100 days will make or break him


The Spectator's Notes

Boris's big mistake? Agreeing to the BBC debate

Boris and his team made a mistake by agreeing to take part in Tuesday’s BBC leadership debate. In such decisions,…


When it comes to Trump, don’t count on the polls

 New York The great ceremonial game of poll dancing is gearing up for its quadrennial orgy. Headlines across the fruited…

Rod Liddle

We’ve been Rotherhamed

I think we need a new source of ultimate evil for people taking part in political discussions, because Godwin’s Law…

Matthew Parris

Why are sensible Tories backing Boris Johnson?

It was when Matt Hancock went over to Boris Johnson that something snapped. ‘Every time a child says “I don’t…

Lionel Shriver

Are trigger warnings triggering people?

An author of spoofy, light-hearted mysteries, my friend Ruth Dudley Edwards has had unusual difficulty completing her new novel, Death…

Any other business

Is Green’s deal with his creditors the beginning of another scandal?

There’s a palpable urge elsewhere in the media to see Sir Philip Green come to grief, whether as a result…