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15 December 2018



Brexit is a fight for the very sovereignty of our nation

Who should govern Britain? This has always been the most contentious question in British politics. Magna Carta, the Reformation, the…

The Spectator's Notes

When it comes to champagne, the English are on the French’s coattails

Earlier this month, the Quorn and Cottesmore hunts took separate votes on merging. The Quorn voted for, the Cottesmore against.…

Rod Liddle

Dear Santa: My 14 requests for the new year

It is always a pleasure to watch Paris burning. On the surface a civilised country, but scrape a little deeper…

Lionel Shriver

You can’t possibly hate cyclists more than they hate each other

I’ve cycled for primary transportation for 53 years. Accordingly, I’m not naive about the degree of resentment — nay, loathing…

Matthew Parris

Why I don’t, never have, and never will trust the people

It was late, and a friend and I were left to talk Brexit. He’s a keen and convinced Tory Brexiteer…

James Delingpole

Life is about so much more than Theresa May's crappy Brexit deal

It’s that time of year again when I put aside my wonted snark and share with you a few of…

Any other business

All I want for Christmas is a City time machine

Are smartphones fuelling a pandemic of youthful anxiety and depression? That’s the question parents will wrestle with this Christmas as…