The Spectator

16 February 2019

Corbyn’s crack-up

The Labour leader’s personality cult is on the verge of disintegrating


The Spectator's Notes

It turns out I sound much cleverer in French

On Tuesday, Le Monde published a piece it had commissioned from me to explain why, from a British point of…


If Corbyn’s not in the lead now, he never will be

Statistically, a Tory victory at the next election is unlikely. British voters tend not to grant a fourth term to…

Rod Liddle

My diversity targets for the BBC

Terrible news for gay broadcasters —  the BBC has only one year to meet a diversity target which says that…

Matthew Parris

The day I had enough of experts

‘Don’t even try,’ said the man on the car deck as Brittany Ferries’ Finistère tied up on the dock in…

Lionel Shriver

Without forgiveness, we’re all doomed

Over Christmas, I digitised slides from my twenties. In many an unidentified photograph, I didn’t recognise the scene. Where was…

Any other business

What would Keynes make of a looming no-deal Brexit?

‘It is seldom wise to sacrifice a present evil for a doubtful advantage in the future,’ wrote John Maynard Keynes…