Wine Club Offers

Our six merchant partners – Corney & Barrow, FromVineyardsDirect, Honest Grapes, Mr Wheeler, Private Cellar and Yapp Bros – represent the cream of the UK’s independents and boast centuries of experience between them.

Wine Club 15 February 2020

This offer is now out of stock but please do call Private Cellar (01353 721 999) for other available items and recommendations. Our Spectator Winemaker Lunches are famously entertaining. Held roughly every fortnight in the boardroom at 22 Old Queen Street, they are catered by our old friends Forman & Field and are hosted by

Wine Club 1 February

So that’s January done and dusted. Phew! I don’t know about you, but the wretched water wagon — to which I clung by my fingernails as always – is but a grim memory and I’m raring to go.jonath Happily, my abstinence proved to Mrs Ray that I’m not a complete dipso; my liver had a

Wine Club 2 April

It’s April at last, my favourite time of the year. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and, if you squint slightly, the sea here in Brighton could almost pass for blue. We’ll be mowing the lawn before you know it. And we’ve some lovely April-appropriate wines, courtesy of Corney & Barrow — well-priced

Wine Club 19 March

This is being written before the budget and goodness knows what the Chancellor has in store for wine lovers. Yet another bashing, no doubt, hard on the heels of the chief medical officer’s doleful pronouncement in which she slashed the recommended number of units of alcohol per week we should all be consuming. Happily, Esme

Wine Club 5 March

If the daffs outside my window are anything to go by and the robin busily building its nest in the ivy, spring is almost here. And thanks to Private Cellar, we have the perfect wines with which to greet it. At great prices too, with up to £2 a bottle lopped off. Not only that,

Wine Club 20 February

The disarming thing about Jason Yapp is that he’s always on such good form. I can’t remember meeting anyone who loves his job so much and who brims with quite so much bonhomie. We tasted the wines for this offer a few days before he headed to Vinisud, the vast Languedoc-Roussillon wine fair held each

February Wine Club | 4 February 2016

Well, that’s January done and dusted. Phew! An immense relief, I’m sure, for all those clinging to the wagon by their fingertips. But pity the poor souls about to give up booze for Lent; it starts this coming Wednesday (10 February) and goes on all the way till 24 March. Best get some decent wine

Christmas Wine Club | 3 December 2015

  Much has already been written about The Spectator’s notorious spin around the Med this summer on board Cunard’s Queen Victoria, and there’s nothing much I can add except to confirm that, yes, we did indeed have a complete and utter hoot. In fact such a complete and utter hoot was it that once we’re

March Wine Club | 26 March 2015

Chateau Musar is one of those delightful oenological quirks – a remarkable wine of great style produced under extraordinarily difficult conditions in the most unlikely of places: Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley. If the success of past offers is anything to go by, Musar has a huge following among Spectator readers and we’re delighted that both Chateau