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Are Tories faced with another sleaze scandal?

11 min listen

Crispin Blunt, a Conservative MP, was forced to apologise today after he tweeted support last night for Imran Ahmad Khan, another Tory MP who was found guilty of sexual assault. His statement called the verdict ‘a dreadful miscarriage of justice’ that relied on ‘lazy tropes of LGBT+ people’.

‘The condemnation has been pretty universal. I haven’t spoken to anyone that has who has stuck up for him [Crispin Blunt].’ – Lucy Fisher

In the wake of the David Warburton scandal last week, does the Conservative party have a more widespread culture problem?
Also on the podcast, 50 more fines have been made for partying in Westminster during the lockdown. How serious is this?

Katy Balls speaks to Isabel Hardman and Lucy Fisher, the chief political commentator at Times Radio.


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