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Partygate: how much trouble is Boris in?

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It is all kicking off in Westminster.

A leaked video has emerged where the former Prime Minister’s spokesperson is seen laughing when questioned about a Christmas party at 10 Downing Street last year. In yet another blow, many Conservatives shared their dismay at the leaked footage. At PMQs, Boris Johnson said that he is furious about the video but remains adamant that no lockdown rules were broken last Christmas.
Also on the podcast, more talk of vaccine passports are spreading through Westminster with a press conference expected later today. Should Boris be pushed into boosting restrictions, could he face another rebellion in the Commons? Possibly not, whilst Keir Stamer is around.
‘Boris is very lucky, his single greatest asset is Keir Starmer and when things get tough he can always send for his useful idiots on Labour’s front bench who will come and vote with him’ – Fraser Nelson
Katy Balls is joined by Fraser Nelson and Isabel Hardman.
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