Holy Smoke

How liberal bishops are squeezing the life out of the Church of England

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Can the Church of England escape from the deadly grip of bishops and bureaucrats who spend their entire time genuflecting to the metropolitan Left? Why does Archbishop Justin Welby wade obsessively into secular political battles when his churches are emptying? And do worshippers realise that eye-watering sums of money are being siphoned off from their parishes in order to fund worthless exercises in social engineering?

In this episode of Holy Smoke, the Rev Marcus Walker, Rector of St Bartholomew the Great in the City of London, reveals the scale of the crisis facing the Established Church. His analysis is devastating. Among the subjects he addresses is the cultural cringe that led Welby and gang to value the opinions of Paula Vennells, the disgraced former head of the Post Office who nearly became Bishop of London, over those of qualified theologians and parochial clergy. 

Under its current Rector, the ancient parish of St Bart’s has become a beacon of hope for proud traditional Anglicans. Marcus tells me how he’s reaching out to a new generation of Christians bored out of their minds by episcopal jargon – and also what he thinks of Pope Francis’s attempt to crush the Latin Mass. It’s a rollercoaster of an interview with one of the great clerics of our age. Don’t miss it!


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