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How the Tories gave up on liberty

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On the podcast: have the Tories given up on liberty?

Kate Andrews writes the cover story for The Spectator this week. She argues that after the government announced plans to ban disposable vapes and smoking for those born after 2009, the Tories can no longer call themselves the party of freedom. Kate is joined by conservative peer and former health minister Lord Bethell, to discuss whether the smoking ban is a wise precedent for the government to set. (01:22)

Also this week: can the UAE be trusted on press freedom?

At The Spectator that’s a question close to our hearts at the moment as we face possibly being sold off to an Abu Dhabi backed fund. In the magazine this week Anna Somers Cocks, co-founder of the Art newspaper, writes about her own experience dealing with the UAE as an art journalist. And it’s not exactly a positive one. She joins the podcast alongside The Spectator’s editor Fraser Nelson. (20:03)

And finally: can Gen Z be counted upon to defend Britain?

Investigating in this week’s magazine, The Spectator’s assistant online editor Angus Colwell argues not. He speaks to people his own age about whether they would take up arms to defend King and country. This is of course in light of general Sir Patrick Sanders’ comment that Britain may need to resort to conscription if world events spiral further out of control. Angus joins the podcast alongside Dr Mike Martin, security expert and former British army officer. (31:16)

Hosted by Lara Prendergast and William Moore. 

Produced by Cindy Yu and Oscar Edmondson. 


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