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74 Years of the NHS: Can its crisis be cured?

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As the NHS turns 74, the service has never been under so much strain. The pandemic has created record waiting lists of almost seven million in England alone. Every month, tens of thousands of accident and emergency patients are left to wait for more than 12 hours with ambulances queuing up outside. Other long-term challenges such as an ageing population are coming to a head.
 On this podcast, Isabel Hardman, The Spectator’s, assistant editor and her guests take a look back at the history of the NHS to talk about what the service was founded for, and why it is in crisis now. Isabel is joined by a panel of specialists; Alan Milburn, the former secretary of state for health from 1999 to 2003; Anne Milton, former minister for health from 2010-2015, and deputy chief whip for the Conservative party; and Philip Schwab, Abbvie’s regional director for government affairs in Europe. 

 This podcast is kindly sponsored by Abbvie.


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