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Is this lockdown by stealth?

12 min listen

Today saw record numbers of Covid cases with infections higher than the January 2021 lockdown. In reaction to soaring cases, Boris Johnson held a press conference yesterday. Although nothing new was announced, he pushed further on the booster program and encouraged the public to rethink their socialising ahead of Christmas.
Many people believe the PM is encouraging a lockdown by stealth, with hospitality venues struggling to cope under staff shortages coupled with vast cancellations. But should financial support be put in place for them throughout this tricky time?
Also today, the Bank of England has increased interest rates to 0.25% in reaction to inflationary pressures.
We have to consider, does changing interest rates help [inflation]? Given that some of it is caused by supply chains that haven’t gone back to normal post the pandemic‘ – James Forsyth

Cindy Yu is joined by Katy Balls and James Forsyth.


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