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Podcast special: turning the red wall green

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These days the Conservative party is not just associated with the colour blue – it’s also the winner of the red wall seats; the pursuer of a green agenda. But do these new identities, achieved under Boris Johnson, all fit together? In particular, critics often label tackling climate change as a middle class pursuit, not what ‘real people’ around the country are concerned with. And indeed, the Treasury and BEIS have put the costs of net zero at £70bn a year, so what does that mean for the less well off in society, especially those in the Tories’ new constituencies in the red wall?

This discussion was recorded at Conservative Party Conference on October 5. Cindy Yu, The Spectator’s broadcast editor, talks to Andrew Griffith MP, the government’s net zero business champion and parliamentary private secretary; Sarah Longlands, chief executive of the Centre for Local Economic Strategies; and Nick Baird, group director of corporate affairs at Centrica, which is kindly sponsoring this podcast.


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