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The 10,000th

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This week, the Spectator commemorates its 10,000th edition. On the podcast, Cindy Yu speaks to David Butterfield and Fraser Nelson about the magazine’s two centuries of history, finding out about how the publication started, discussing whether it is still the same now as it was originally intended, and hearing about what David calls its ‘industrial drink culture’. Find out more about the history of the magazine with David’s new book, 10,000 Not Out.

Also on the podcast, Cindy speaks to James Forsyth and former Director of Comms at No 10, Craig Oliver. As James writes in the issue this week, when Boris Johnson comes back to work, he returns to a split Cabinet and a difficult decision – how and when to ease the lockdown? Craig argues that, while government messaging has been good already, No 10 should level with people

‘I would encourage them to just be little bit more frank about the reality of the situation and the lack of knowledge they really have.’

Cindy also speaks to Aidan Hartley and Dr Ama Fenny about the situation in Africa. Aidan’s home country Kenya has been struck hard, economically, not least by the drying up of the cut flowers trade, which he writes about in this week’s issue. Ama is public health and economics research fellow at the University of Ghana, and she explains why Ghana’s government is this week lifting their lockdown.


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