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The Book Club podcast: did Churchill’s cook help him win the war?

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In This Episode

This week’s Book Club stars the food historian and broadcaster Annie Gray, whose new book Victory In The Kitchen excavates the life and world of Georgina Landemare – Winston Churchill’s cook. From the shifting roles of household servants, and the insane food of the Edwardian rich – everything jellied and moulded and forced through sieves – to the inventive ways that haute cuisine responded to rationing, Georgina’s is a story that gives a fascinating new insight into 20th century culture and society. Annie makes the case that without Georgina’s cooking, Churchill might never have achieved the political success he did. Hear what Andrew Roberts got wrong, how Churchill simultaneously saved his cook’s life and ruined pudding, and what’s wrong with Woolton Pie. Allergy warning: contains jellied consomme, plover’s eggs, roast beef and stilton.


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