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The Edition: can the UK and EU bridge their Brexit gap?

41 min listen

Next week, the trade negotiations between the EU and the UK begin in earnest. But in the days ahead, the positions set out by both sides are so far apart that the negotiations can only be heading towards an almighty row. James Forsyth writes in this week’s issue that it’s better if they get this over with quickly, in order to move on to the compromise ‘landing zone’ that is a deal by the end of the year. On the podcast, I speak to him and Peter Foster, Europe editor of the Telegraph. It gets a little fiery as Peter challenges James on exactly why Britain would want to diverge, anyway.

I also speak to Colin Freeman, whose piece in the Spectator this week takes a look at Alpha Condé, the Guinean president who is trying to abolish term limits. When he got into power – democratically – a decade ago, he was hailed as a liberal hope by Tony Blair. Nowadays Condé is better friends with Vladimir Putin. So has he succumbed to what Colin calls ‘African Strongman Syndrome’? On the podcast, Colin knocks heads with Chatham House’s Dr Alex Vines (18:05).

And last, are dogs and cats too spoilt these days? Melissa Kite writes about today’s pet owners who give their ‘furbabies’ designer clothing and fancy grooming in this week’s issue, and on the podcast, I speak to her and dog groomer Stuart Simons about how far is too far when it comes to coddling your dog (30:15).


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