Women With Balls

The Frances Haugen Edition

39 min listen

In This Episode

Frances Haugen is an American data scientist, most well known for her whistleblowing of Facebook’s failures at controlling misinformation. Her insider knowledge allowed the Wall Street Journal to publish a series of exposés about the social media platform, which became known as ‘The Facebook Files’. She has testified before the US Congress, the European Parliament and the British Parliament on online safety and Silicon Valley.

On this episode, she talks to Katy about first experiencing sexism in tech when she joined Google at her first job; the shocking reality of how Facebook’s algorithm worsens civil strife across the world; and what she wants to see changed from the British government’s Online Safety Bill, which Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries recently joined the series to talk about.

Produced by Natasha Feroze and Cindy Yu.


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