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The way out: what is the Prime Minister’s exit strategy?

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James Forsyth writes in this week’s cover piece that the government ‘is going to go South Korean on the virus’. In other words, test, track, and trace. But as James points out, this raises the obvious question of why we weren’t doing this already. On the podcast, Cindy Yu talks to James and the Economist‘s Adrian Wooldridge. Adrian argues that the West is too slow at learning the lessons of elsewhere in the world, a costly mistake as Asian states like Singapore offer instructive lessons in governance. As this global pandemic lays bare the differences of national approaches, it’s a timely discussion.

On this episode, Cindy also speaks to Owen Matthews about the double stress test that Putin is going through – not only is the Russian government dealing with coronavirus, it is also going through an oil market crash. Joining them from Moscow is the Washington Post‘s Isabelle Khurshudyan.

And at the very end, Cindy finds out about the plight of Covid-brides, which Katy Balls writes about in this week’s issue (being one herself). But, as Katy tells Cindy and wedding planner Katrina Otter who also joins the podcast, she has a competitive advantage compared to the other brides – tune in to find out what it is.


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