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Top dog: how have animals captured politics?

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On this week’s episode: should animal lives be considered as valuable as human lives? It’s often said that Britain is a country of animal lovers, but have we taken it too far? Pen Farthing’s evacuation has shown how some people value animal lives more than human lives. William Moore writes our cover piece this week, arguing that the public outcry is emblematic of our faith-like approach to animal rights in Britain. He joins the podcast together with the FT‘s Henry Mance, author of How to Love Animals.

Plus, will the government’s proposed tax reforms solve the crisis in social care? In this week’s issue, Kate Andrews argues that instead of solving the crisis in care, the plans will only worsen intergenerational inequality. To discuss, Kate joins the podcast with Steve Webb, a pensions expert who was formerly a Lib Dem minister in the Coalition.

And finally, what are the benefits of having godparents in this secular age? Although she never wanted children of her own, Fiona Mountford writes in this week’s Spectator that she knew she always wanted godchildren. Why? Fiona joins the podcast, together with Mary Killen, The Spectator’s Dear Mary columnist.


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