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Turkey’s dilemma

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In this week’s episode: could President Erdogan broker a peace deal between Putin and the West? 

For this week’s cover piece, Owen Matthews has written about how Turkey’s President Erdogan became a key powerbroker between Vladimir Putin and the Western alliance. On the podcast, Owen is joined by Ece Temelkuran, a political thinker, author, and writer of the book How to Lose a Country. (1:13)
Also this week: a look at Tina, the drug devastating the gay community.
Dr Max Pemberton has written about Tina, a dangerous drug often used at chemsex parties. Max joins us now along with Philip Hurd, a chemsex rehabilitation professional and trustee of Controlling Chemsex. (14:02)
And finally: Are The Oscars losing their relevance?
Toby Young writes for The Spectator this week about The Oscars ceremony. John Ringo once coined the term ‘get woke and go broke’ to describe businesses that drive consumers away with their politically worthy causes. Could the same be said for The Oscars? Toby joins The Edition podcast along with Fiona Mountford, a theatre critic and regular contributor for The Spectator. (24:51)
Hosted by William Moore.
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