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Was COP a flop?

15 min listen

COP26 is now over, but was it a flop? Even Alok Sharma, the President of COP26, apologised on the last day for ‘the way this process has unfolded’, as he teared up when announcing the final agreement to phase down, rather than phase out, coal. On this episode, Cindy Yu talks to Fraser Nelson and Isabel Hardman about the lasting legacy of COP26.

For Fraser, the summit was a mixed bag: ‘I don’t think that anybody is going to talk, in future years, about the “Glasgow declaration”. But there are… some moves forward’. And Isabel points out the disappointment to Boris Johnson, for his own personal legacy: ‘He then got to the end of the summit saying, well we’ve made a start, which is not something you’re going to have on your legacy. The authorised biography of Boris Johnson is not going to [say] “well, we’ve made a start”.’


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