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What difference does a wedding make?

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Now officially in June, the significance of the 21st seems even greater for the country, but with the Indian variant still on the rise how safe is the date? Katy Balls says that for the government:

‘The plan is to offer all over fifties two doses before June 21st.’

And a glorious weekend of weather for the Prime Minister’s secret nuptials, but what does this wedding mean for the warring factions that circle No. 10? Some questions were raised about the ceremony; just how Boris Johnson gets a Catholic service raised a few eyebrows and Katy has also heard:

‘There were reports of dancing at the wedding, in the garden… you’re not actually allowed to dance at weddings…’

And finally Keir Starmer sits down with Piers Morgan tonight, will this interview be the thing to renew the Labour leader’s image? James Forsyth points out Sir Starmer needs to try something new because:

‘In his first year as Labour leader, Keir Starmer was essentially riding on government mistakes… the problem for him is that the vaccine rollout has kind of shifted the narrative about the government.’

Cindy Yu talks to James Forsyth and Katy Balls.


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