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Will Hancock hit back?

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After the hanger full of Dom bombs that were dropped in yesterday’s epic seven hour hearing, health secretary Matt Hancock got a sizeable chunk of Cummings wrath. Isabel Hardman talks to Katy Balls and James Forsyth about how Hancock has been handling himself since the allegations were levelled at him. 

James points out on the podcast that Hancock was never going to have a particularly hard time in the Commons, quoting Jack Straw, saying:

’The safest place for a minister in a crisis is at despatch box in the House of Commons.’

But James goes on to mention that this is in no way over for Hancock and that important questions need to be asked that may damn or save the minister, such as:

‘Who is responsible for ensuring that patients were tested before being discharged from hospital to a care home?’

Just how is Hancock going to proceed and how certain is his future in the department? 


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