Coffee House Shots

Will MPs save Owen Paterson?

13 min listen

With the fishing war between the UK and France not necessarily over but at least at a ceasefire, today’s Shots focuses on the Commons. Conservative MP Owen Paterson was found to have committed an ‘egregious’ breach of lobbying rules, but some in his party, including Jacob Rees-Mogg, have raised concerns about the investigation.

On the podcast, Isabel Hardman says: ‘I think a lot of MPs on both sides of this, regardless of their views of Owen Paterson’s activities, allegedly on behalf of these companies, feel very uncomfortable about the whole thing.’

Also, Rob Roberts, who was suspended for repeated and unwanted sexual advances against a member of staff, is back in the Commons. But how is his return being taken by the Tory MPs he still shares the benches with?

Katy Balls is joined by James Forsyth and Isabel Hardman to discuss.


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