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Will the Australia trade deal really make a difference?

17 min listen

The government has agreed its first post-Brexit bespoke trade deal. But the agreement with Australia has already caused consternation among Conservative MPs about the potential competition from Australian farmers. Are these fears overstated? James Forsyth argues yes:

‘Both its proponents and its critics exaggerate its importance. Meat prices in Asia are roughly twice what they are in the UK. I think that is where Australian farmers are going to continue to focus their export energy.’

And the team discuss the fallout from the extension to July 19 of the lockdown easing day. Fraser Nelson points out that not only has freedom been delayed, but that even the thresholds for freedom are not clearly set out:

‘It seems to be a complete mess of communications though. Even right now, your average Tory MP – i’ve been speaking to a few of them today – they’ve got no idea what metrics the government is going to be looking at.’


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