The streets are closed with hazard tape,

wrecked by big oil and snaky traffic jams.

The road crew works by geosat to trace

the burnt-out cable where a blackout starts.

Last week, the spigots flooded, storm drains blocked

and now a drop in gigawatts clears the street

and turns the dragon-headed streetlights out.

Crew men strap head LEDs on to help them think

in the electric buzz of town where a forest stood.

It might have been a landscape for a myth,

a quest, romance, a creature killed or kissed.

Now everywhere’s an access point,

the grid and wire where cyberspace begins

and Burger King died when the lights blanked out.

Kitted up in high-end tech and clumsy clothes

the crew consult a heat map from the sky

then face the smoking serpent in the pit.