Procrastination Island

Some of us can’t see the wood

for the piles of notes

obscuring the windows –

notes on paper,

in the making of which

the established view has had to be dismantled.

We try another tack,

bend our minds to an alternative approach,

but down on the beach

it’s high-note tide,

the smooth and shiny stones all

lost beneath a swell of notes.

We construct an origami boat,

roll up notebooks for oars

and paddle staunchly to the horizon

where novel observations

are reeled aboard like minnows

and several drownings are noted.

Those of us who make it back to shore

find much has changed since we set off –

even the words sound different now.

We chase meanings

down rabbit holes, tap into our Notes apps

where they might have gone,

a new note for every one.

At some point we’ll sit down and filter

our notes – sift through the flotsam

to distil the pure, forward-facing

thoughts into a piece of work.

But not today.