Soul Singer

Can you hear me singing?

I have a high, clear voice

like that of Percy Sledge.

I’m a soul singer

from somewhere like Macon, Georgia.


I perform mostly

country soul numbers

in the Music Shoals style –

Percy’s ‘Out of Left Field’,

‘You’ve Got My Mind Messed Up’ by James Carr.


I’m not a demonstrative singer.

I don’t believe in going down on one knee

like Arthur Alexander,

or asking members of the audience

to come up on stage with me.


I stand still most of the time

and let the words do the talking.

‘Sugar-plum dancing on my mind,

every day you whip me

seems like Valentine…’


I might throw out an arm if the mood takes me,

or place one hand on my heart.

I might close my eyes for a moment

as I take hold of the microphone.

Can you hear me singing?