The Crossing.

The lone stag’s crossing a field.

He’s done with rutting.

Outside Snape Maltings

he listens to Alexander Gadjiev.

He’s got Chopin in his head.

He misses the girls.

He’s missing an antler.

The sky is blood-red.

The sonata was perfect.


He’s always had a thing

about New York.

He slips into the water

at Bawdsey.

His wounds are cauterised.

He’s swimming

to Old Felixstowe.


He curls up in the bowels

of the ship

like Rimbaud.

He’s not sure how things will go.

The stowaway stag.

He’s going to start again.

He’d like some music.

He’d like to play the cello.

He’d really like a cigar.