The First Circle

                        Lacing up gleaming skates, then off the rein

            At last, kids shuffling gouts of steam

We elbowed into churned-up tracks and packed the train

            Of bodies bent and wobbling in the stream

                        That watched in awe below the mirror ball

            As denims and drape jackets paid the price

For slinging scuffed hired skates into the hall

            To join in battle on the blade-scarred ice.

                        With cool blue tattooed fingers placed

            In line on velvet collars, ‘Loves’ and ‘Hates’

Showing on knuckles, Brylcreemed figures faced

            The swishing icy rink on shaky skates,

                        Then slipped into the slush pile, spun

            And sank, with nothing to resist

The cut of short skirts and the blonde hair bun

            That circled round them with a careless twist.