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A programme for Prosperity Britain

Productivity is something of a buzzword these days. Everyone’s talking about it — or rather, the lack of it. We’ve…

9 Dec 2017

Productivity and exports: mission critical for the UK

The Office for Budget Responsibility recently released a report revising its estimate of productivity growth down by 0.7 percentage points…

9 Dec 2017

Rise of the machines

There have been plenty of reasons to feel optimistic about the British economy over the past year. Employment levels have…

9 Dec 2017

Our productivity puzzle

British productivity has rarely been so talked about, because seldom has its growth been weaker. This simple statistic — the…

9 Dec 2017

The best and the rest

The UK has a big productivity problem. Our slowdown since the financial crisis has been more severe than in other…

9 Dec 2017

The productivity myth

Britain has a new disease: low productivity. Or at least it does if the statisticians are to be believed. Measured…

9 Dec 2017

The UK’s productivity gap: By numbers

The picture across the UK  Data compiled by BAE, the Office for National Statistics and the World Robotics Report  …

9 Dec 2017

What can be done about Britain’s poor productivity?

Britain has a productivity problem. In terms of output per worker per hour we lag 15 per cent behind the…

7 Dec 2017
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