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The misguided priorities of church authorities

This has been a tough year for everyone. Death, mental collapse, grief, unemployment. In my church we’ve lost people to Covid — one of the earliest victims was a regular at our 9 a.m. Communion. We’ve lost people to mental health — one of the homeless men who came to our services, and who used

Brexit and gender are off limits for aspiring authors

When a small US publisher accepted my first book for young adults, ‘Crosstrack’, it wasn’t long before things went pear shaped. The novel follows two teenage athletes, one a middle class American, the other a young Syrian refugee. Apart from cycling ability, they have another thing in common: both are trans.  I’d anticipated a backlash

With author Rhik Samadder

24 min listen

Rhik Samadder is an actor and columnist for the Guardian, where his column Wellness or Hellness? reviews kitchen gadgets and life hacks. On the podcast, he talks to Lara and Olivia about his mother’s adventurous dinner table, his teenage battles with anorexia, and the worst kitchen gadgets he ever reviewed (including a mug which had

Tax strategy

The Spectator (1828) LimitedOur Approach to the Management of Tax Financial Year 31 December 2023 This statement has been approved by the Board of Directors of The Spectator (1828) Limited (“The Spectator”). Introduction The Spectator is the head of a UK ‘sub-group’ (“the Group”) as defined in paragraph 11 (2) of Schedule 19 of the

Are local authorities fighting back against Covid restrictions?

13 min listen

Middlesborough’s mayor, Andy Preston, today refused to accept the government’s decision to place households in the town under a local lockdown. Accusing Westminster decision-makers of ‘ignorance’, the mayor said the new measures would ‘kill viable jobs’ and ‘damage mental health’. Is this the start of regional authorities fighting back? Cindy Yu speaks to Fraser Nelson

UK Statistics Authority questions Hancock’s figures

Last month, Mr S did a little digging into Matt Hancock’s claims that he managed to reach 100,000 tests a day – finding that Health Secretary had been fudging his figures by including tests that had merely been posted rather than just tests that had actually been completed. The expert verdict is now in, with the UK

Will Ian McEwan ever get over Brexit?

‘Screw the lot of them.’ Ian McEwan’s blunt advice to young authors having to deal with ‘sensitivity readers’ had me punching the air. At last, a bona fide national treasure prepared to take on the performative offence-taking that has Britain’s publishing industry in its censorious grip. Speaking in Paris ahead of the publication of the