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Boris has to deliver change without the authority he needs

Boris Johnson needs to be bold: business-as-usual will not save his premiership. But, as I said in the Times yesterday, never has it been more difficult for him to get anything significant done. The first reason is that Johnson must operate knowing that another confidence vote is a near certainty. The rebels need only 32

Mary Ann Sieghart: The Authority Gap

36 min listen

My guest in this week’s books podcast is Mary Ann Sieghart, whose new book The Authority Gap accumulates data to show that so-called ‘mansplaining’ isn’t a minor irritation but the manifestation of something that goes all the way through society: women are taken less seriously than men, even by other women. She says it’s not

Biden risks undermining America’s moral authority

Joe Biden is facing what will likely be the defining event of his presidency. The gains made in Afghanistan are evaporating in record time under his watch. But Biden doesn’t want to be a foreign policy president. He wants to be the man who ended wars, taking credit for America’s Covid recovery, funnelling trillions of

The misguided priorities of church authorities

This has been a tough year for everyone. Death, mental collapse, grief, unemployment. In my church we’ve lost people to Covid — one of the earliest victims was a regular at our 9 a.m. Communion. We’ve lost people to mental health — one of the homeless men who came to our services, and who used

Brexit and gender are off limits for aspiring authors

When a small US publisher accepted my first book for young adults, ‘Crosstrack’, it wasn’t long before things went pear shaped. The novel follows two teenage athletes, one a middle class American, the other a young Syrian refugee. Apart from cycling ability, they have another thing in common: both are trans.  I’d anticipated a backlash

Tax strategy

The Spectator (1828) LimitedOur Approach to the Management of Tax Financial Year 31 December 2023 This statement has been approved by the Board of Directors of The Spectator (1828) Limited (“The Spectator”). Introduction The Spectator is the head of a UK ‘sub-group’ (“the Group”) as defined in paragraph 11 (2) of Schedule 19 of the