Engineering for a Greater Britain

As I write, the UK has spent more than six months battling a virus which has led to the greatest upheaval and disruption to our daily lives in modern times. Its course and longevity remains unpredictable, and ominously the full impact on our societies and economy is unknown. Managing extraordinary events does inevitably force new and innovative thinking, accelerates novel technologies and helps us realise our strengths. In this environment, decisions made now could set the path for the UK’s place in the world and our prosperity for decades to come. We need to think carefully about how best to future-proof and grow our economy for the long-term. As we

The UK’s combat air sector – vital for our economy, security and sovereignty

As the UK government carefully considers measures to assist a programme of economic recovery from the impact of Covid-19, BAE Systems and companies across the UK’s combat air sector are continuing to recruit and train staff and develop leading-edge technologies in collaboration with our boldest and brightest minds across industry and universities. This is in support of Tempest – our vision to deliver the most ambitious combat air programme in living memory. The UK’s combat air sector is a vital element of our economy. It has a turnover in excess of £6 billion a year and accounts for more than 80 per cent of defence exports over the past decade.