Best for britain

Is Best for Britain the worst of Remain?

Oh dear. It seems that the Hiroo Onodas of Remainia have done it again. Best for Britain, the former Stop Brexit crusade now recast as a self-styled ‘civil style campaign’, is up to their old tricks on Twitter. In their haste to score points off anyone remotely associated with the Leave campaign, BfB has seized on a viral tweet sneering at Andrew Pierce, the longtime Daily Mail columnist. The original tweet, amplified to the group’s 150,000 followers, was from an account which claimed to ‘Detest Tories, Brexit and inequality. Love Lefty Lawyers.’ It claimed that ‘I’ve been blocked by Tory Boy Pierce for letting slip his real name is Patrick

Remainers tool up for Boris’s departure

Boris Johnson’s imminent departure has been greeted with enthusiasm by all the usual suspects: millionaire celebs, Labour MPs, Tory wets and of course Dominic Cummings. But for one group of sworn Boris-bashers, the departure of their mortal foe offers a useful call to arms: unrepentant Remainers. Perusing the popular ‘Work 4 MP’ jobs site this morning, Mr S was struck by an advert for Best for Britain, the former stop Brexit crusade now rebranded as a ‘civil society campaign.’ Chaired by Kim Darroch, the continuity Remain outfit spent much of 2021 railing against Boris Johnson, pumping out graphics describing the PM as ‘an international stain on our reputation’ and trying to make