Channel migrants

Will cruise ships solve the migrant housing crisis?

In an ironic twist, cruise ships are being hailed as the latest measure to help ‘stop the boats’. Most Fleet Street newspapers have today splashed on briefings that Channel migrants will be housed on ex-military bases, disused ships and barges, under plans that are expected to be announced later today. The aim is twofold: to act as a deterrent for future migrants and to cut the £6 million-a-day hotel bill to house the 50,000 people who are already here.  The Times reports that ministers have procured an ‘accommodation barge’ capable of holding hundreds of migrants, which is being refitted. It will probably be moored in port rather than at sea, with the

We shouldn’t accept the Channel crossings

Yesterday, 1,295 people arrived in the UK by crossing the Channel in small boats. That is the highest daily total since current records began being kept in 2018. More than 6,000 people entered the country this way in the first three weeks of August and more than 22,500 in the first eight months of the year. That is almost double the numbers seen at this point last year. From a video of the latest arrivals, there seem to be quite a number of young, fit, unaccompanied men. As an immigration liberal – someone who believes in safe, sustainable, legal immigration – it continues to baffle me that my fellow liberals