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Chris Williamson’s return to Labour branded a ‘disgrace’

Chris Williamson is back in the Labour party. The controversial Corbynite MP was suspended from Labour earlier this year following comments he made about anti-Semitism in the party. But now after an internal investigation, Williamson is once again a Labour MP. Williamson was slapped with a formal warning after he was filmed at a Sheffield Momentum event saying that Labour had been ‘too apologetic’ for anti-Semitism. But to the surprise of no one – not least Mr S – Williamson avoided getting the boot. It’s safe to say the news is going down badly among MPs. Former Labour MP Ian Austin said: ‘It is a complete disgrace that Chris Williamson, who has

Why Chris Williamson really is happy about facing deselection

Oh, what a delicious twist in the internal bickering of the Labour party. Chris Williamson, an MP who has spent the past few months touring the country campaigning for the mandatory reselection of his colleagues – or, as he prefers to brand it, a ‘democracy roadshow’ campaigning for all MPs to go through an ‘open selection’ from their local party every electoral cycle – is being threatened with deselection himself. Williamson finds himself a target after launching into a row with the trade unions at last month’s Labour conference. The unions blocked plans for open selections, and instead went for a change in the party’s rules that makes trigger ballots

Chris Williamson’s Derby disaster

Oh dear. It’s not been a great night for Labour. Although Jeremy Corbyn’s party has managed to make gains in the cities, Labour has not managed to meet the sky high expectations they had for the local elections. However, it’s safe to say that Corbyn’s close ally Chris Williamson – the MP for Derby North – has had a particularly bad night. Williamson’s patch went one stop further and manage to actually buck the national trend. Ukip not only held on to one of its seats but a Ukip candidate took a seat from Labour. Labour has now lost control of the local authority, with the Conservatives making two gains. Had the

Watch: Chris Williamson’s hostile reception on Question Time

Although Chris Williamson recently exited the Labour frontbench – by mutual agreement – the loyal Corbynista has vowed to do what he can for Jeremy Corbyn from the back bench. And this he did on Question Time on Thursday when he joining David Dimbleby for the weekly current affairs show. Speaking on a panel comprised of Michael Forsyth, Fiona Hyslop MSP, Maggie Chapman and Peter Oborne, Williamson did his best to fly the flag for the Labour leader. Only he soon ran into a spot of bother when an audience asked him why if the Labour party was so big and great, Jeremy Corbyn was the best they could come up

Laura Pidcock’s shadow cabinet buzzkill

Since joining Parliament in the snap election, the Labour MP created a media-storm last year when she declared that she would not be friends with a Tory. Happily, Jeremy Corbyn sees no issues with such a stance and has just promoted Pidcock – appointing her Shadow Minister for Labour. Only it’s a bit complicated. Just a few hours ago, Pidcock expressed her solidarity for her comrade Chris Williamson – who resigned from the frontbench – declaring that she was ‘buzzing’ to have him join her on the backbenches for ‘the struggle ahead’: #Solidarity to @DerbyChrisW, one of the most genuine and principled MPs around – a signpost, rather than a weathercock.

Chris Williamson rebrands as Labour’s attack fox

The news that Chris Williamson has resigned from the Labour front bench has been met with dismay by Conservative MPs who quite enjoyed his calls to double council tax on some of the highest-value properties. However, fear not, Williamson will continue to play a pivotal role in Corbyn’s Labour. In an interview with Corbynista site Skwawkbox (natch), Williamson lifts the lid on his new role – as requested by the Labour leader. he will be using his background as a ‘hunt saboteur’ to work on the party’s environmental stance: ‘Jeremy has also asked me to develop our thinking around environmental and animal rights issues, in line with my background as a

‘Fake news’: the far left’s favourite new excuse

Admirers of violence and lies must go carefully. As true cowards they must leave themselves an escape hatch in case they are forced to retreat. They never quite commit to the suppression of rights, the rigged elections, the secret policemen and the torture chambers. Instead they tell us we are not hearing the full story, and switch the argument. The real problem is not the oppressive state and its suffering citizens, they say. The problem is the fake media. Not media faked by government propagandists and controlled by censors, not countries where every TV station and mass circulation newspaper must follow the party line, but the free media in their

Corbynista MP: Media bias is the real story in Venezuela

Despite admitting in an interview in this morning’s edition of the Morning Star that he was ‘no bloody expert on Venezuela’, Chris Williamson, the Labour MP for Derby North, made it quite clear this afternoon who he believes is to blame for the socialist country’s problems – and it most certainly isn’t Maduro’s socialist government. Speaking at a Solidarity with Venezuela fringe event at Labour conference, Williamson described how the country – a place where women now exchange sex for nappies for their babies and where the capital city is the most murderous city on earth – was undoubtedly witnessing ‘difficult and tough times’ and that ‘mistakes had been made’.


Chris Williamson blasts fellow Labour MPs over Venezuela

Venezuela’s crisis shows no sign of stopping: protesters have been gunned down, opposition leaders rounded up – and the country recently unveiled a plan to combat food shortages by telling people to eat their rabbits. The country’s situation ‘ain’t perfect’, admits Labour’s Chris Williamson. In an interview with the Morning Star – where else? – the Corbyn ally is still keen to look on the bright side though: ‘I accept that Venezuela has its problems still…But look at where they’ve come from and where they’ve got to’ Admittedly, Williamson is angry at the ongoing situation. But instead of directing his fury at the country’s leadership, he turns it elsewhere: towards

Anti-Semitism is not a priority in the Labour Party

It is the gripe of every end-of-the-bar bigot you meet. ‘Look, I’m not saying there isn’t any racism but there can’t be as much as they claim. They exaggerate it. This isn’t me saying this, by the way. I know loads of black lads who say the same. They’re just milking it. It stands to reason.’ Place that paragraph before almost any Labour member and they would know exactly what they were looking at. They would call it textbook racism. The throat-clearing at the outset. The downplaying of the problem. The some-of-my-best-strawmen-are-black rhetorical device. Whatever the intent (though we can probably guess), the overall effect is to delegitimise critics of

Corbynista MP: Jeremy won landslide election victory

Jeremy Corbyn did better than many expected in the general election, but while some of his allies might not like it, he still lost. Or at least he did unless you’re looking at things from where Labour frontbencher Chris Williamson is sitting. Fresh from coming under fire for suggesting women-only train carriages were a good idea, the Labour MP has now been claiming that Corbyn won a landslide election victory on June 8th. Here’s what he told the Guardian‘s Rowena Mason in an interview today: Mr S would be interested to know where Williamson is getting his numbers from…

Corbynista MP falls victim to Parliament prank

It’s safe to say that Chris Williamson is not the most popular MP in his party right now, after the Labour frontbencher suggested women-only carriages were a good idea – in order to stop women falling victim to sexual assault on public transport. Since then, several Labour MPs have criticised his comments – with Jess Phillips suggesting Williamson was taking tips on feminism from Saudi Arabia. Now one resident of the Palace of Westminster has taken matters into their own hands. A notice has been placed on the door of Williamson’s office in response to his suggestion: ‘Woman? Sexually harassed at work? How about working on your own floor?’ Commons source sent

Corbynista MP asked about Venezuela – but condemns America instead

Well, this is going well. As chaos reigns in Venezuela with at least 100 protesters dead in recent months and opposition leaders under arrest, Jeremy Corbyn has come under pressure to speak out against the socialist regime he previously claimed showed a ‘better way of doing things’. While the Labour appears to have taken a vow of silence, his shadow cabinet are at least proving more forthcoming. This evening top Corbyn ally Chris Williamson appearing on Newsnight, alongside former Labour MP Tom Harris, to discuss recent events. However, rather than just condemn Maduro’s regime, the shadow minister went on the offensive about America. Asked about the political turmoil in Venezuela, Williamson was