Desmond swayne

Desmond Swayne rails against the ‘Ministry of Fear’

It’s match day in Parliament as MPs gather to vote on Boris Johnson’s ‘Plan B.’ Sajid Javid kicked things off in the Commons with a plea to Tory rebels to back Boris Johnson’s last-minute compromise, there’s still much anger on the green benches, with Mr S hearing further names could be added to the 85-strong list of Conservatives who won’t vote for tonight’s measures.  And such sentiment was given voice early on this afternoon after Sir Desmond Swayne, the maverick member for New Forest West, rose shortly after Wes Streeting’s 40 minute long address gave paroxysms of pleasure to every Britpopping centrist dad. Deploying his usual tact and moderation, Swayne launched into a

Watch: MPs extend the Coronavirus Act without a vote

Throughout the uncertain days of the pandemic, a few things have remained constant: Devi Sridhar will tweet too much, Sadiq Khan will flip-flop a lot and MPs will, once again, vote to extend the draconian provisions of the Coronavirus Act.  The emergency legislation was rammed through Parliament in March 2020 to give the government emergency powers to limit or suspend public gatherings, detain individuals suspected to be infected by Covid and to intervene or relax regulations across a swathe of sectors to limit transmission of the disease. Not for nothing did Steve Baker warn of a ‘dystopian society’. Having been renewed in March this year for a further six months, MPs yesterday voted again for another six

Tory MP: masks are a ‘monstrous’ imposition

The government has announced that wearing face masks while shopping will become mandatory from 27 July. It’s fair to say though that some Conservative backbenchers aren’t best pleased about the decision. ‘Nothing would make me less likely to go shopping than the thought of having to mask up’, Tory MP Desmond Swayne rallied in the House of Commons today. The MP for New Forest West argued that this is a ‘monstrous imposition against myself and a number of outraged and reluctant constituents’. (It’s not clear whether Swayne’s outrage applies to all face coverings: the MP has happily admitted to wearing blackface at a fancy-dress party in the past.) The Health Secretary Matt Hancock