Keir Starmer’s misleading European Medicines Agency remarks

Oh dear. Sir Keir Starmer was in a particularly prickly mood this afternoon, as he faced Boris Johnson at PMQs, and the pair clashed over border closures. But the Labour leader appeared most riled when the Prime Minister pointed out that Starmer had fought for Britain to stay in the European Medicines Agency – a move that could have potentially slowed our vaccine roll-out. An indignant Starmer suggested that the PM’s claim was ‘complete nonsense’ and added that: ‘The Prime Minister knows I’ve never said that, from this Despatch box or anywhere else, but the truth escapes him.’ A strong rebuke. Mr S is curious though, was it then a different

Europe’s slow vaccine approval is testing Germany’s patience

The Bundestag can’t be an easy place to be a politician right now. At the start of the pandemic, Germany seemed to be steering a steadier course than other countries, who looked on in awe at the speed with which it launched its testing regime. But as Britain, Canada and the USA begin vaccinations, Germany has been left tapping its feet. It is still waiting for the European Medicines Agency to approve the Pfizer vaccine, which it is set to do on 21 December – a state of affairs that is rapidly turning into a national and international embarrassment. The German public have grown increasingly irritated at the delays. ‘It’s just beyond belief,’ the Bild