Adonis rapped by Lords Standards Commissioner

Oh dear. It appears the Rejoiner movement has gone a bit People’s Front of Judea. Andrew Adonis, the rampant Remainiac, has today been rapped by the House of Lords Commissioner for Standards over an undeclared directorship he failed to disclose on his Register of Interests. But who was the sharp-eyed snitch who tipped off the watchdog? Surely such shenanigans must have been the instigation of a dastardly Brexiteer, presumably funded with dark Russian money on the orders of Putin himself. Au contraire. Step forward whistleblower Dirk Hazell, Leader of the UK European People’s Party and a fellow ardent Europhile. Hazell and Adonis have become embroiled in the interminable internecine conflicts which have bedevilled the efforts

The madness of #ToryGenocide

The hashtag #torygenocide was trending on Twitter all day Sunday. This is because seemingly rational people have got it into their heads that Boris Johnson is using the Covid-19 outbreak to orchestrate a social cull in the UK. There is a debate over the wisdom of the strategy the government has been advised to take by the chief scientific adviser. Robert Peston asks a question about testing that, if I’m honest, makes me wonder about the wisdom of how we’re going about this. Still, I am not a scientist. I don’t know whether Downing Street has taken the right or the wrong approach. I’m happy for others to have that