It’s not all roses: 6 alternative Valentine’s Day gifts

We can blame Robbie Burns. That line about my love being like a red, red rose didn’t actually specify Valentine’s Day, but it has meant that 14 February is forever associated with roses at a time of year when they’re not in bloom. Not here anyway, which means that all the red roses around are from far-flung places. Plus they’re not really scented. No. Hold the red roses. Keep them for June and send them for midsummer or something. Here are six suggestions for Valentine’s gifts that don’t entail actual roses. And on the whole, let’s steer clear of pink, shall we? The usual line up of pink items for

The best cycling accessories for your new commute

As the Prime Minister announces a new scheme where GPs can prescribe bikes to help combat obesity, there’s never been a better time to saddle up and cycle to work. Biking to the office avoids the need to compete for a metre-plus-squared of space filled with with Joe public’s recirculated air – a boon in the current era. And to get you well on your way, here’s a small list of the best accessories for your new bike to set you off on the right path. Brooks Cambium C17 saddle Switching out my standard manufacturer supplied saddle for one of these has been the biggest game changer in comfort on

Bring the bar to you: the best cocktail delivery services

If, like me, you’re thinking longingly of the days spent drinking with friends in some of London’s finest establishments – then worry no longer, here are some of best ways to enjoy your afternoon tipple from the comfort of your own home. There’s never been a better time to get into whisky – and Milroy’s has you covered. This Soho gem is shipping its finely curated whisky collections to your door. A simple online order brings you the best from around the world – Scotch from the Highlands, Lowlands, Speyside, Islay and Campbelltown; Bourbon and rye from the United States; and a host of other malts from Japan, Sweden, Australia, South Africa

The best gadgets to buy this Christmas

Nuraphone headphones From £9/month, Nuraphone I confess – the idea of buying headphones on a subscription plan is daunting. But one 60-minute session with these headphones and you’ll understand why people are raving about them. A fun ‘pairing’ session configures the headphones to your personal heading tastes (I can’t emphasise how cool this was) – before letting you flick between your ‘personal profile’ and neutral audio. Having tried these headphones out, it’s hard to go back to listening to music the normal way again. A must-buy for the music-lover in your life. Larq self-cleaning water bottle From £78 from Larq The market for cool-looking, hip water bottles is fairly saturated right now