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How Brexit has boosted Global Britain

The government’s integrated review of foreign and security policy, published yesterday, has landed surprisingly well considering that much of the Whitehall blob has been so dismissive of Boris Johnson’s concept of Global Britain. A few longstanding critics have been snippy about the new document. But no one can disagree that the review offers a genuine strategy. In recent years, one of the most persistent ideas about the UK’s future on the world stage has been that we cannot make a go of things post-Brexit. Such ideas, so the counter-argument goes, are based on the deluded nostalgia of a ‘buccaneering’ nation, foolishly going it alone on trade and much else besides.

The world will welcome the new ‘Global Britain’

Just what does ‘Global Britain’ actually mean? In the five years since the UK’s foreign policy was thrown into chaos after the EU Referendum, this question has reverberated without reply. In the publication of its Integrated Review of the UK’s Defence, Security, Development and Foreign Policy today, the UK Government has finally put its cards on the table. ‘Global Britain’ is no longer simply a slogan, but a roadmap underpinning a fundamental shift in our international ambitions. The Global Britain set out in the Review is a dynamic, forward-looking, tech-savvy nation, in which our domestic and international resilience is seen as one. The phrase ‘Global Britain’ was conjured in those

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Boris Johnson’s blueprint for ‘Global Britain’

Boris Johnson will today unveil the government’s integrated review which promises to set out the blueprint for ‘Global Britain’. The 100-page document – titled ‘Global Britain in a Competitive Age’ – has been heralded as the most radical reassessment of Britain’s place in the world since the Cold War. The Prime Minister is due to unveil the plans in the Commons to MPs this afternoon – but in the meantime the document has been leaked to several papers.  With Sino-scepticism building in the Tory party, the review appears to go a step further than many backbenchers would like So, what’s next for Global Britain? The aspect which is already leading to