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In praise of Spectator readers

Michael Beloff, QC and past president of Trinity College Oxford, has just had his memoir reviewed in The Spectator, and it brought back memories. Here’s this really good man, the type who does the work, believes in the system, plays by the rules and subscribes to the old graces of courtesy and politeness, but the sort we never read about. Instead, what is shoved down our throats are today’s politicians selling their snake oil on TV, or those untalented but self-entitled celebrities boasting about themselves, and the ultimate horrors, of course, the profoundly ignorant woke brigade who block free speech. I can’t remember how long ago it was that I

Guto puts his foot in it (again)

Oh dear. It seems that gabby Guto Harri has done it again. The revelations about Chris Pincher have put the No. 10 comms chief and his colleagues in No. 10 on the back foot –  not least because the Tamworth MP’s promotion to deputy chief whip in February came just days after Harri’s own appointment. Still, the Welsh wizard hasn’t exactly responded well to reports about’s Pincher’s alleged drunken behaviour. First, Harri told a meeting on Friday morning that colleagues should support Pincher because he had lost his career: remarks which quickly leaked and triggered an avalanche of fury on Twitter. Later, in a wider meeting of ministerial aides –

Guto gets the gang back together

As the Met begins dishing out fines for partygate, the new regime in No. 10 is focusing on the future. Boris Johnson’s Oxford chum Guto Harri was brought in at the beginning of last month to steady the ship as Director of Communications. His early interventions proved a little unorthodox: giving an interview on his appointment, retweeting John Major’s criticism of his successor and rocking up Downing Street wielding a Tesco shopping bag with healthy goods. Now though, it seems Harri has settled down and begun to prepare for the future. First, he raided his old firm Hawthorn Advisors to recruit his former colleague Oscar Reddrop as the new No. 10 head of

Another day, another Guto Harri blunder

Oh dear. Guto Harri’s first week as Boris Johnson’s new press chief hasn’t got off to a great start. First, he took a pop on Twitter at Dominic Cummings. Then he gave an interview in which he offered faint praise to his boss – declaring him not to be a ‘complete clown’. Next he rocked up Downing Street wielding a Tesco shopping bag like a samurai sword, bantering with reporters in a somewhat awkward exchange. And now, he appears to have indulged in another social media slip-up. For Harri this evening has retweeted his onetime fellow lobbyist Gavin Devine, after the latter attacked Tory critics of John Major. The former Prime Minister launched an excoriating

Johnson’s new hire goes for Cummings

Well, that didn’t take long. Scarcely had Boris Johnson announced two new hires to join his depleted Downing Street team, then Dominic Cummings began attacking one of them on Twitter. The Svengali of special advisers reacted badly to the news that Guto Hari, a former Johnson aide during his mayoralty, was to be brought back into the fold as director of communications. Cummings claimed that the ‘message from No. 10’ is that ‘Our new boss is a pro-Remain lobbyist who’s said the PM is ‘sexually incontinent’, ‘hugely divisive’, ‘destructive’, ‘dragging the country down’, & picked ‘wrong side’ in referendum’ GREAT’. Is firing off angry tweets at your nemesis really a sign that

Five times Boris’s new press chief attacked him

After the night of the long hangovers, what next for Boris Johnson’s No. 10 team? Following the departure of five top advisers on Thursday, the PM has tonight announced two replacements to try and rescue his sinking premiership. Cabinet minister Steve Barclay has taken up the reins as Johnson’s chief of staff while Guto Harri joins as director of communications. Barclay’s appointment will certainly raise eyebrows, given that he is already an elected MP serving as a constituency and will now be expected to work 16-18 hour days in Downing Street. But Mr S is more intrigued by the hire of Harri, who previously worked as Johnson’s director of external affairs