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Labour is picking the wrong fight with Priti Patel

The position of Home Secretary Priti Patel is clearly untenable. Presumably this means she must resign. Who says so? Why, only her Labour shadow Nick Thomas-Symonds. At least, he has said the first bit from which we can infer the second. And what has reduced Patel to this miserable status in his eyes? Could it be the fact that 18 months after she first promised to halt the cross-Channel boats that spill migrants onto our shores, there are more of them arriving than ever? No, not a bit of it. Thomas-Symonds is not interested in that. In fact, whenever he and the Home Secretary debate migration policy she runs enough

A Priti poem: an ode to the Home Secretary

Priti Patel, Ms Priti Patel, Burnished by sunshine of far Israel,  How we all cheered when on Marr you did smirk, And as he got rattled, we yelled ‘O, good work!’ – Love-thirty, love-forty, oh weakness of joy, With the speed of a swallow you mangled the goy,  With carefullest carelessness, gaily you played Marr,  And like a Hindu princess you cheeked and you slayed Marr. – Priti Patel, Ms Priti Patel, Mandarins you mangle, and at police chiefs you yell, Illegals you find where others have missed ’em, But you’re no xenophobe with your lovely points system. – Conference loves you, especially on crime,  When you praise execution, and

Sunday shows round-up: Violence against police to be met with ‘full force of the law’, says Priti Patel

Priti Patel – Violence against police will be met with ‘full force of the law’ Sophy Ridge interviewed the Home Secretary Priti Patel, asking her about the difficulties involved in policing Britain under lockdown. Recent weeks have not only seen mass protests on the streets, but also scenes like an illegal street party in Brixton where police officers were attacked. The Metropolitan Police’s chief commissioner Cressida Dick has said that around 140 officers have been hurt over the past three weeks. Patel told Ridge that the government was tightening measures to protect key workers: PP: I’m committed, and we’ll be putting measures in place to double the sentencing on assaults