Piers corbyn

Is Piers Corbyn really dangerous?

I thought the police statement — bureaucratic, anonymised, bone-dry – got the tone just right. In confirming the arrest of Piers Corbyn on suspicion of encouragement to commit arson, a spokesman confirmed only that ‘a man in his 70s’ had been arrested in Southwark, south London on Sunday morning. This, for those who missed it, is understood to relate to Mr Corbyn’s fire-breathing (literally: he took his nylon-clad life in his hands with a stunt involving lighter-fluid) speech to an anti-vax rally in the capital. He told his audience, presumably once he’d had a Murray Mint to get the taste of the lighter fluid out of his mouth, that we

Watch: Corbyn gatecrashes Tory conference

This year’s Tory party conference in Manchester is something of an inclusive affair. Labour’s Barry Gardiner has been spotted enjoying himself at a late-night drinks reception for Conservative MPs. And Mayor of Manchester Andy Burnham has also been wooing delegates on the fringes. Last night, it was the turn of another unexpected face to make an appearance outside the conference centre: Piers Corbyn. The brother of the ex-Labour leader – and Boris’s favourite weatherman – was on hand to berate those heading into the conference centre. Piers blasted the Tories and the Labour party which he said was ‘totally pathetic’.  But it’s safe to say Corbyn’s words didn’t go down well with some

Is Piers Corbyn still Boris Johnson’s climate guru?

Listening to Boris Johnson delivering his pearls of climate wisdom to the United Nations this week, Steerpike could not help but wonder from where the Prime Minister draws his eco-inspiration. Luckily a resurfaced clip this week serves as a useful reminder of the top scientific advisors the Tory leader once relied on: none other than discredited weatherman Piers Corbyn. At one of his regular London Assembly grillings during his time as Mayor, Johnson was hauled up by Green AM Jenny Jones for citing Corbyn as his source for a Telegraph article casting doubts on global warming. The Old Etonian hailed the work of Corbyn – the brother of future Labour leader

The chilling treatment of Piers Corbyn

If you were looking for the archetype of a crank it would be Piers Corbyn. Rather like his long-forgotten younger brother, he has an unfortunate habit of consorting with people who hold very unpleasant views. So it was no surprise that the anti-lockdown demonstration he organised last Saturday was attended by a motley crowd, with enough misfits and weirdos to satisfy the most exacting Downing Street recruitment process. Among the attendees was David Icke, who believes the Royal Family are shape-shifting lizards and the Rothschilds are responsible for spreading coronavirus. They are not particularly easy people to like. But the £10,000 fixed penalty notice (FPN) handed out to Mr Corbyn