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Michael Gove puts No. 10 on the market

Cabinet office minister Michael Gove has put his £2.25 million west London home on the market. The house, which has a black painted door just like the real No. 10 in Downing Street, is described by estate agents as a ‘big boned period house’ that ‘oozes style’. While Gove may not longer be part of the Notting Hill set, he’s certainly selling at Notting Hill type prices. According to the estate agents, the property is: ‘A wonderful Victorian terraced house with two floors of excellent living/entertaining space and a walled garden.’ The house sale comes just over a month after Michael and his partner Sarah Vine announced they were separating. They have


Sarah Vine lifts the lid on Michael Gove’s beard

There has been much speculation this week regarding rumours that Michael Gove has a beard. The former Justice Secretary was spotted on Tuesday in the Palace of Westminster with what appeared to be a new bout of facial hair. Today photos have emerged of Gove’s whiskers, as his wife Sarah Vine confirmed the news in Wednesday’s Daily Mail. Alas, she has given the beard a lukewarm verdict. Vine says that although Gove is ‘enjoying his new hipster look’, she’s growing tired of men getting to let their ‘facial hair grow wild and free as they relax their regimes’ in summer. Instead she would like to turn the tables so that the woman don’t need

Cameroons clash over Downing Street ‘skip’

As Flatgate rumbles on, it appears the government has adopted a new communications approach to a controversy involving the Prime Minister’s spouse: send for Michael Gove’s wife. The Daily Mail columnist Sarah Vine popped up on Radio 4’s Today programme this morning to firefight the situation – an interesting choice given her love of incendiary quotes in her weekly columns. Presenter Nick Robinson asked Vine what she made of the row over whether £58,000 of Tory party money was spent on renovating part of No. 10 to which the latter responded with gusto: The thing about the whole No 10. refurbishment thing is that the Prime Minister can’t be expected to live in

The ridiculousness of the bookshelf police

 ‘People want to know why Michael Gove owns “racist” and “anti-Semitic” books’, reports the Independent’s website. By ‘people’ it actually means the time-rich Twitterati, who have discovered a new hobby: bookshelf policing. And the latest bookshelf to fail their purity test, to commit the sin of containing books these people disapprove of, is Gove’s. Yes, not content with policing speech, tweets, jokes and even hairstyles (witness the screams of ‘cultural appropriation’ that greet any celeb who wears her hair in a way her race isn’t meant to), now the offence-taking mob is policing bookshelves. The Shelf Stasi, we might call them, peruse the tomes in people’s private book collections and

Have you heard a convincing ghost story?

  Anthony Horowitz   Novelist   I have never really believed in ghosts, but I actually had a personal experience which I still find hard to explain. I was walking beside the river Kwai in Thailand with my wife. We had been told that a steam train travelled across the famous bridge once a week as a memorial to the POWs who had died — and we were keen to photograph it. So we were shocked when, quite suddenly, we heard it approaching, an hour earlier than had been expected. We both heard it quite clearly; the heavy panting of the locomotive, the rattle of the wheels. Very quickly, we

A good read… but I don’t buy the plot

I’m writing this from the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham where the mood is buoyant, to put it mildly. Everyone seems delighted with the new captain and completely unfazed by the perilous waters ahead. If anyone is sad about the demise of David Cameron and some of his key lieutenants they’re not letting on. It’s a case of Le roi est mort, vive le roi! In my spare time I’ve been reading Craig Oliver’s referendum diary, Unleashing Demons, and reflecting on the events that led to Cameron’s demise. As a Remainer, Oliver is in no doubt about why his side lost: the mendacity of the Leave campaign. His lot were

Diary – 14 July 2016

I first met a boyish, sunny Tony Blair more than 20 years ago. Our encounters have always been slightly tense since I reported some clumsy remarks he made about tax when he was still an apprentice PM — and he reacted much as Andrea Leadsom did against the Times last week (though via A. Campbell rather than Twitter). On Wednesday afternoon at Admiralty House he is a stricken caricature of how he was: painfully thin; waxy skin; astonishingly terrible teeth. He is a brilliant actor but not that good: he has been tormenting himself over Chilcot. But he isn’t sorry for the invasion, as he told me, and would do

Forget the Grand Mess, here’s the fun stuff

There’s something a little-dispiriting about waking up one morning to find that our elected politicians are even more psychopathic, deranged and-disloyal than one had always suspected. I don’t just mean Gove and his cackling, somewhat ambitious missus. Charming though Michael undoubtedly is, and agreeably owlish in-public, I have imagined him in-darker moments standing in a blood-splattered hallway with a kitchen knife in his hand muttering over and over: ‘I did it for you, Mummy, I did it for you.’ Somehow I always thought that was in there, with Michael. No, the other lot as well, Labour; as one embittered clown after another traipsed into-Forrest Gump’s office and pretended to feel sad

Was ‘the deadly Mail’ right after all on Iraq, Michael Gove?

Last week the Daily Mail endorsed Theresa May as the next Tory leader. The declaration took many by surprise as not only was it very early in the campaign to come out for a candidate, it had been thought that the paper might opt for Michael Gove — after his wife Sarah Vine suggested Paul Dacre favoured him in a leaked email. So, why did Dacre snub Gove just a day after he announced his leadership ambitions? While some have taken it to be a sign that the Daily Mail editor was unimpressed by the manner in which the Justice Secretary had turned on Boris Johnson, could any ill-feeling run deeper than that? In


Sarah Vine takes a break from the Daily Mail

The past week has proved to be a busy time for the Gove household. After Sarah Vine declared in her Daily Mail column that she — along with her husband — had been handed the responsibility of leading the country on behalf of the Brexit voters, she was left red-faced when an email she wrote expressing doubts about Gove supporting Boris Johnson’s leadership bid was made public. In this, she suggested that her Mail boss Paul Dacre — along with News UK’s Rupert Murdoch — would find it difficult to get behind a Boris Johnson leadership bid if Gove was not involved. Alas when the Justice Secretary turned on BoJo and announced that he would

Sarah Vine’s media warning fails to hold true

At times this week it has seemed as though Sarah Vine will soon be running the country — that is, if she isn’t secretly already. As well as informing readers, through her Daily Mail column, that she — along with her husband Michael Gove — has been ‘charged with implementing the instructions of 17 million people’ following the Leave vote, Vine is reported to have played a pivotal role in the Justice Secretary’s decision to turn his back on Boris Johnson and run for leader. In fact, the first sign that all was not well between the Johnson and Gove camps came when Vine seemingly accidentally sent an email on the topic

Sarah Vine sends Tory leadership email to a member of the public

Oh dear. This morning Sarah Vine surprised Daily Mail readers after she declared in her column that both she and her husband Michael Gove had been ‘charged with implementing the instructions of 17 million people’ following the Leave vote. While Vine’s central role in the Brexit negotiations prompted laughter in some quarters, it now transpires that she has been taking on a very hands-on role indeed. Sky News have been passed an email from Vine setting out the Justice Secretary’s leadership plotting after she accidentally cc’ed in a member of public. The email — sent yesterday — raises some awkward questions for the pair. While a Gove/Boris joint ticket is on the cards,


Sarah Vine reveals the Gove household reaction to Brexit: ‘you were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off’

Since Leave triumphed in the EU referendum, there have been growing concerns that the Brexiteers were not suitably prepared for success at the polls. As well as no clear plan of action, Boris Johnson and Michael Gove have been uncharacteristically quiet since the result came in. Happily Gove’s wife Sarah Vine has now filled us in on what the Justice Secretary has been up to over the past few days. In her Daily Mail column, Vine reveals that the first she heard of the result was near 5am on Friday when Gove was woken up from his slumbers by a phone call: ‘I was just drifting back to sleep when my husband’s

Rachel Johnson lifts the lid on Boris’s Brexit deliberations: tennis, frozen lasagne and Nigel Farage

This week Sarah Vine used her Daily Mail column to reveal the details of the roast lamb supper her husband Michael Gove used to plot a move to back Brexit with Boris Johnson. Now the Mayor of London’s sister Rachel Johnson has gone one better and lifted the lid on her brother’s subsequent Brexit deliberations. Writing in the Mail on Sunday, Rachel says that it was not at the dinner, but on the Saturday after that Boris finally made up his mind to support the Leave camp. She says that last weekend she found her brother in turmoil in an Oxfordshire farmhouse — frying sausages and hammering at his laptop: ‘Last Saturday I drove through the sleet

The Tory dogfight

  [audioplayer src=”″ title=”James Forsyth, Fraser Nelson and Isabel Hardman discuss the Tory dogfight over Europe”] Listen [/audioplayer] Many Tories had doubts about David Cameron’s EU renegotiation, but only Boris Johnson was promised a piece of legislation to assuage his particular concerns. It was quite a compliment. The so-called Sovereignty Bill was, in effect, the Get Boris Onside Act. It was designed to deal with the Mayor of London’s fears about the relationship between the British parliament and courts and the EU. It was also mooted that Boris would be offered a top cabinet job — perhaps Foreign Secretary. The Prime Minister was convinced that this combined offer would be

Sarah Vine lifts the lid on Gove’s Brexit negotiations: dinner with Evgeny Lebedev

Over the years David Cameron has faced much scrutiny over his close relationship with Rupert Murdoch — as well as News UK’s Rebekah Brooks. However as far as Mr S can remember, the Prime Minister never allowed Murdoch to sit in on important meetings with Cabinet members. So Steerpike was interested to read Sarah Vine’s account in today’s Mail of a supper she and her husband Michael Gove attended at Boris Johnson’s house ahead of the pair backing Brexit. Also in attendance were Johnson’s wife Marina Wheeler and… Evgeny Lebedev, the owner of the Independent and the Evening Standard: ‘Now David would inevitably feel let down. Michael was between a rock and

Sarah Vine reveals her Christmas wish: separate bedrooms

Buying a present for a loved one at Christmas can be a difficult and time-consuming task, so luckily Sarah Vine has made her husband Michael Gove’s job easy thanks to her column in today’s Daily Mail. In a piece entitled ‘Sorry chaps but women love sleep FAR more than sex!’, Vine — who says that there are ‘vast chunks of a woman’s life when surrendering to the pillow and duvet is infinitely more enticing a prospect’ than sex — argues that men should refrain from purchasing sexy lingerie for their partners in favour of comfortable pyjamas: ‘She’ll get a good night’s sleep in their cocooning embrace (especially if you disappear to the spare room) and

Heidi Alexander responds to Sarah Vine’s weight jibe

As the wife of Michael Gove, Sarah Vine has been subject to her fair share of political swiping. Still, the Daily Mail columnist is not afraid to give as good as she gets, having previously criticised fellow politician’s wife Justine Miliband for her bland kitchenette. Today it was the turn of the new shadow health secretary Heidi Alexander to be on the receiving end of Vine’s acerbic prose. Writing in her Daily Mail column, Vine said that Alexander needed to ‘lay off the Hobnobs’ as she was ‘not exactly the picture of health’: ‘Jeremy Corbyn has appointed a vegan to look after farmers, a woman he’s never met to Shadow Education and someone

Which Spectator columnist thinks Sarah Vine is both ‘an idiot’ and ‘a pox’?

After Sarah Vine took Ed Miliband to task in an acerbic Daily Mail column for having a bare kitchen, the wife of Michael Gove received a grilling on the BBC’s This Week from both Alan Johnson and Michael Portillo. Now, Mr S’s colleague Tanya Gold has joined in. Writing in this week’s edition of the Spectator, Gold takes time out of her review of the restaurant Kitty Fisher’s – which is a favourite of David Cameron’s – to call Vine both ‘an idiot’ and ‘a pox’: ‘Here I address Sarah Vine, or Mrs Michael Gove, the Daily Mail columnist who analysed the smaller of the so-far-discovered Miliband kitchens and decided that Labour is, on the

Kitty Fisher’s: proof that the PM has good taste in restaurants, if not in friends

David Cameron is too cowardly, or too cynical, to debate with Ed ‘Two or Possibly Three Kitchens’ Miliband — which depends entirely on the breath of your own cynicism — or is he perhaps just too busy eating? (Here I address Sarah Vine, or Mrs Michael Gove, the Daily Mail columnist who analysed the smaller of the so-far-discovered Miliband kitchens and decided that Labour is, on the basis of its contents alone, moribund. Sarah, you’re an idiot, an anti-journalist, a pox.) The Prime Minister’s adventures in restaurant-land are a moveable feast, and changeable; he has, in his years of power, visited ‘Jewish’ Oslo Court, like a wasp drowning in a