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Diversity, nepo-babies and The Spectator

It’s a bit of a late entry for phrase of the year, but the term ‘nepo babies’ has captured attention this week. It was first used in this article in New York magazine to describe the children of celebrities cushioned by their parents’ famous name. Lucy Fisher, chief political commentator for Times Radio, has also pointed out how many ‘nepo babies’ there are in Westminster. I was reading her article while trying to make sense of Jamie Oliver’s guest editorship of the Today programme this morning: he is also a ‘nepo baby’ insofar as he learned to cook by helping out in his parents’ pub. But was that nepotism? Or

The Spectator’s internship scheme for 2021 is now open

The Spectator’s internship scheme for 2021 is now open. It’s CV-blind and name-blind: we don’t ask about where (or whether) you went to university. We don’t ask about your age, nationality or immunological status. We don’t even ask your name: we anonymise all entries. In journalism, all that matters is whether you can do the job. The Spectator is growing and we’re looking for talent: when vacancies arise, we normally think back to recent interns. Our internship scheme pays (but not very much) and we even provide help with accommodation for those who need it. Internships are normally the first casualties of lockdowns and social distancing orders. We pressed ahead with our